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Our History

After a lifelong career in electrical work, owner Scott Castro started A.B.T. Electric in 2008. His goal was to provide quality electrical work for commercial businesses and residences in the Anthem area and Phoenix Metro area. A.B.T. Electric is a licensed, bonded, and insured residential and commercial electrical contractor.


Residential and Commercial Electrician

Our technicians have gone through many years of electrical training before being licensed to practice the trade. Most electrical systems can be very complex and potentially dangerous if not managed correctly. Our expert technicians can do any job no matter how big or small, including small residential and commercial electrician needs.


Electrician Repair Service serving the Whole Valley

Because of the inherent capacity of electricity to be dangerous, most electrical repairs will not wait. Therefore, we believe it's paramount for an electrical company to respond to the needs of a customer whenever and wherever they may be. We proudly serve the Phoenix and Anthem area and will attend to an electrical emergency anywhere in the Valley.


Need a quality electrician?


Why you should choose ABT Electric

We are committed to customer satisfaction, safety, and continuing expertise in the industry. We are troubleshooting masters and our expert technicians can do any job, from big commercial projects to small residential repairs. We are experts on the electrical issues and codes unique to the Anthem area.


Reviews of our work

Opinions and feedback matter. Our customer's safety and satisfaction are our highest goals, and we always hope that their satisfaction with our work will be reflected in their reviews and comments. If a customer is dissatisfied, we always hope they'll give us a chance to make it right, because they deserve no less than that.


Electricians who get the job done right the first time

If you are in need of electrical service, A.B.T. Electric, LLC is here to help. We will send you a skilled electrician who will be able to quickly diagnose your electrical issues and begin work immediately to resolve the issue.


Licensed, insured and bonded

While it's technically legal to offer unlicensed electrical work here in Arizona, we strongly encourage people to have a licensed electrician do their electrical work. Permits, building codes and inspections play a significant role in providing for the safety of homes and businesses . In the event of  an issue with the wiring, the quality of any work done by a licensed electrician will not come into question. We also protect you by carrying accident insurance and a bond.


 Our Reviews

We want people to know how happy our customers are with our work! Reviews are an opportunity for our clients to give us their opinions. It's also a means for our business to grow, since it lets others know that we can be trusted to provide excellent service. We hope all of our customers take the opportunity to tell us how we're doing, because we do our utmost to meet--and beat--their expectations.



Residential Electrician and Commercial Electrician

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We design, install, and repair indoor, outdoor, and security lighting for residential and commercial needs. Well placed lighting can add ambiance, security, and value to any property. 

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One of the ways to protect a residence from fire, property damage, or electrical shock is with an adequate number of area-specific outlets. An adequately supplied home is a comfortable home, and an ample supply of electrical outlets is one way to accomplish that.

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Breaker Panels

Your breaker panel is the gateway of electricity into your home. Protect your investment by having a breaker panel which is not only up to the task of providing power to your home, but is also safe and reliable.

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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans create increased circulation, a vital part of saving energy. By helping to keep a home or office cool in the summer and warm in the winter, ceiling fans eventually pay for themselves by lowering electricity bills.

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When an electrical system or electrical lighting is not working correctly, attempting to fix the problem yourself can be unproductive and dangerous. If you have any questions about your electrical system, it is important to consult an expert. Our residential electrician team is trained to troubleshoot and handle whatever problems you come across in your home.

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The lighting and plumbing for a pool or hot tub are directly affected by its electrical work. Maintain the beauty, cleanliness and safety of your pool by having A.B.T. Electrical install, repair and maintain these vital elements to keep your pool sparkling.



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